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Deluxe Email Hosting—SPAM Filtering with Virus Removal

Unwanted email or SPAM is not only an annoyance; it's a threat to your business. SPAM messages can contain viruses and other threats that can infect your computers. Client-based junk mail filters are often not effective in filtering out SPAM and they don't clean viruses. The cost to remove viruses from your computer due to an infected email can be significant not just in dollars but also in lost productivity.

SBIS has a proven solution that stops the annoyance of unwanted SPAM and reduces the threat of email-carried viruses. Our cost-effective POP3 mail accounts are unique because they filter incoming email before it is delivered to your inbox. Known SPAM messages are deleted and messages that could be SPAM are quarantined for you to review before they are delivered to you inbox. These POP3 accounts save money because they allow you to use your Internet connection to conduct business instead of processing unwanted SPAM messages that could contain viruses.

How Our SPAM-Filtering Accounts Work

All incoming mail is filtered and checked for viruses. Messages from known SPAMers are deleted. Messages that could be SPAM are quarantined for you to review. You may choose to receive a daily report listing the messages we quarantined or you can log into your account and review quarantined email from a web browser. Both options allow you to release legitimate messages and delete SPAM.

If you get a message from an organization or person you want to block, you can add the domain and/or email address to your BLACK LIST. You can add legitimate domains and/or email addresses to your WHITE LIST so future messages from them are not quarantined.

No Installation Required - Generous Attachment Limit

Our SPAM-filtering service requires no installation and there is no hardware to purchase! Once your account is active, change your email client configuration and access your email as usual. Each email account comes with a 1 GB mailbox and a 30 MB email message limit which will easily allow receipt of larger email attachments. SPAM and junk mail filtering doesn't get any easier than this!

Standard Email Hosting—Multi-User Email Hosting

Our multi-user email hosting package comes with up to 10 email boxes; each having 1 GB of storage. Email can be accessed using an email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express and can be accessed using our web mail client via an Internet browser. This email package is very cost-effective for small business customers who require multiple accounts and who are receiving a minimal number of SPAM messages. If you are currently receiving a significant number of SPAM emails, we recommend you choose our Deluxe Email Hosting service.

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