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Small Business Internet Services (SBIS) is a web site design and development company specializing in designing and developing custom-designed web sites for small businesses and non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations. We offer companies and non-profit organizations that have smaller web site design and development budgets the opportunity to have a professionally-designed, professionally-developed, unique web site at a competitive price.

Our Approach to Web Site Design and Development

SBIS has a unique approach to web site design and development. The most important decision you must make about your web site isn’t how the web site will look, the number of pages or the content even though all of these are important aspects of an effective web site. We start by identifying your market and your competitors. Our research provides you with the best keywords and key phrases for your web site text to help you reach customers in your market. Our graphic artists review the competitor analysis before creating the design for your web site. Your web site design, features and content are designed to effectively sell your products and services. To learn more about our competitor analysis and keyword research, please visit our Keyword Research page.

Use of Cascading Style Sheets

Web sites we develop are written using industry-standard web site design and development tools and employ the benefits of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). A cascading style sheet is a text file that defines the design features for the web site. One or more cascading style sheets controls the look and feel of the entire web site.

The CSS contains the font, font size, colors, spacing and numerous other web site elements. By using CSS, the web site developer can instantly change the font, font size, colors and other elements for the entire web site by simply changing that element in the cascading style sheet. Using CSS avoids the time-consuming process of manually changing the font, font size or color on every page of the web site. Effective use of CSS minimizes web site development time, ensures a consistent look and feel for the entire web site and reduces web site maintenance costs.

Writing the Text for Your Web Site

Unless you are a professional writer or have a natural gift for writing, writing effective text for your web site can be a daunting task. To help you overcome this hurtle, we offer two options. We can recommend one of several professional writers or we can work with you to write the text for your web site. Our approach takes the pressure of writing effective web site text off of you and requires minimal time and effort on your part. Our web site text editor will review your web site text for grammatical accuracy and recommend changes that may improve the impact of your message.

eCommerce Web Site Solutions

Our feature-rich eCommerce solution provides our customers with a complete online store. This list includes only a portion of the features of our eCommerce solution.

  • Catalog pages including detail pages and add to cart buttons,
  • A rich shopping cart with thumbnail displays, update and clear cart and continue shopping options,
  • Complete checkout including e-mail order confirmation,
  • Accepts all major credit cards,
  • USPS shipping with real-time shipping rate quotes,
  • Inventory control which allows you to set quantity per product or toggle off to allow unlimited purchase of items and block sold-out items,
  • Customer order history enabling customers to list all orders placed and see order details,
  • Customer registration with log in form, remember me, auto login. Choose from a simple or full registration form.
  • Automatic e-mail verification, includes forgotten password functionality and a user profile that can be modified by the customer.
  • Complete administrative functionality including: login page, numerous searches with filters, product sales and order charts.

We also offer simple but effective eCommerce solutions for customers who don't require a full eCommerce solution or who would like to accept donations from their web site. These solutions are secure and you won't need to prove PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

Lead Time for Web Site Design and Development

Web sites vary in complexity. We can have a typical web site live 30 days or less after receiving the design approval, text and graphics from our customers. Web sites that require unique application coding will take longer to develop.

Smaller Web Site Design and Development Budgets Aren't a Problem

We work with you to determine your needs and recommend a custom-designed web site that will fit your budget. We provide custom-designed, custom-developed, unique web sites that effectively sells your products and services within your budget. Our price structure varies and is dependent on the level of customization and web site features you desire.

We don't sacrifice quality for our smaller budget customers. All of our customers benefit from CSS-based web site code that ensures that your web site can be indexed by search engines and that can be maintained at a lower cost.

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